Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eve by Anna Carrey

Eve is beautiful, talented, and one of the smartest girls to ever attend School. She was the valedictorian and had everything ready for graduation. Then everything changed when she realized the truth and escapes into the wild where she encounters Arden and Caleb. Arden, the mysterious beautiful girl who was always so cruel helps her throughout the journey. Caleb, the handsome man who Eve is starting to trust, but knows she shouldn't based on everything she learned in School. She can't trust anything she learned from her lessons, though. Not when everything seems to be wrong and she's left confused. The King(the only man the girls were taught to respect) is looking for her and Eve doesn't know why, but she has to do everything she can to not get caught and taken to the City of Sand. In all, this book was great and left me utterly speechless. I cannot wait for Once. It has romance and intensity. I recommend this book for just about anyone.

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