Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nocturne By Syrie James

Nicole was on her way home from an amazing weekend in Colorado when she went for a friend's wedding. On the way to the airport Nicole almost got struck by an avalanche which caused her to slip and roll down a hill. In the middle of nowhere with a concussion, Nicole thought she was done for. Then a handsome stranger appeared and rescued her then to her back to his beautiful home. There he tends her and let's her stay until the storm has passed. Michael is mysterious and seems to want nothing to do with Nicole. They both begin by hating each other, but the attraction is too much for them to handle. They can't let things happen because they each have dark secrets on their own, but Nicole has no idea that Michael's could mean life or death.
Okay, so I finished reading this book this morning and it was amazing! I wouldn't mine reading it again! This story of forbidden love was so exciting and intense. Syrie did an amazing job blending in historical facts and medical facts (which probably took a lot of research) with the background for Michael's story. Though this book is more of a romance novel it still reigns a bunch of emotion from the reader. I'm pretty sure I cried and laughed because of this book. To wrap it up, (get it wrap because Christmas is coming!?:P You guys have no sense of humor....) this is another MUST READ. It most certainly made my "favorite books" list.
Rate: ★★★★★

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  1. You're right - this looks very interesting. I got a bit of a beauty & the beast feel from the combination of the way you describe Michael and the rose on the cover ;)